>> When I log into 'Lif' or 'Fly Like A Bird 3' the game immediately throws me back to main menu!
  - The servers might be down. Wait for a bit, try again. If this doesn't help, shoot a message at Kouga on Discord.
  - Your firewall might be blocking the ports 8080 and 8010 which are used by our games. Add an exception to fix this.
  - Try enabling hardware acceleration in your browser; rendering the first frame could take too long and cause a timeout.

>> I want to partner up with you guys.
  Shoot a message at Kouga on Discord or an email at admin(at)raven-woods.de (we too dislike spam. So replace (at) with @)

>> Let me join your team!
  Provide a lick of your skills. Artwork, videos of animation frames, music you made, screenshots of terrain you built ..
  Almost everything works. If we think you should be part of the team, you'll be contacted.

>> Some game I knew from Gamevial is missing in your link list! Where can I find them?!
  There is the thing about the old gamevial games. Part was shared, part was fixed beforehand, part wasn't.
  Another part wasn't originally meant to be "gifted away" rather than having their source and copyrights sold to a third party.
  There is a reason we can't offer each and every game and that is because we haven't been granted publishing permissions.
  If you happen to stumble across the files for a missing game, let us know please :)!

>> Why do you support AI-Art?! That's stealing!
  The human brain is incapable of producing original content. Whatever you create is 99% a remix of things you've experienced.
  Generative AI works about the same way. It's the whole point of 'artificial intelligence' to get as close to human thinking as possible.
  So, according to your logic, using your past experiences to create content is stealing the original creator's work.
  Nobody ever should create any form of content in this case, since stealing is bad. See where this is going? You're damning art itself.
  - If you don't like an AI model to use your art, you can shoot a complaint at that AI's provider and they may remove it from the database.
  - If your complaint is about virtue signalling; Well, we don't do that here. Grow up.

>> Crypto currency?! How can you! Think of the environment!!!!
  We are game preservationists, not set out to save the world.
  This comes with costs which can be covered by any means, including donations of crypto coins.
  We are *not* involved in mining. And even if we *were*; again, virtue signalling is *not* what we plan to do.
  Plus; you have no idea what the power supply of a mining rack is based on. Might be wind or solar power for all you know.